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Roastronix Pro X Cup Entry 2024

Roastronix Pro X Cup Entry 2024

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Enter into the inaugural RoasTronix Pro X Cup to be held in conjunction with Golden Bean The Americas in 2024. Read full instructions here.

Test your roasting abilities under time-trials, while using the state-of-the-art S7X smart all electric roasters at Roastronix HQ.

Roasters are to roast 750 grams to submit 600 grams for judging. Roasters will have 1 hour to roast in a designated time-slot between 16th-18th of September. The final judging will be tasted on Saturday 21st September.

The coffee is to be roasted to the the Golden Bean filter parameters in the Golden Bean Instructions and roasters will choose from Golden Bean Green Bean Zone suppliers. Blend and origin are accepted.

Winner announced at Golden Bean awards ceremony: Saturday 21st September at the Eldorado Ballroom, with prizes to be won!

**Please note** Purchasing this entry ticket will get you in to the ROASTRONIX Pro X Cup, and the Golden Bean Awards Ceremony. This is not an entry into the Golden Bean Competition, or a valid entry into Golden Bean. To attend Golden Bean please purchase an Attendance Ticket Or for every 6 coffee entries, receive a VIP attendance ticket. Enter into Golden Bean 2024 HERE.

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