Thanks to our sponsors

A big thank you to all our awesome sponsors that help make this event happen.

We only work with companies that we truly believe in. View our full list of sponsors and their details below.

  • Hood

    Hood is one of the largest branded dairy operators in the US. Hood is the number-one dairy brand in New England, and Hood's portfolio of national and super-regional brands and franchise products includes Blue Diamond Almond Breeze® Almond Milks, and Planet Oat Oat Milks.

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  • Cafe Culture

    Bringing you the latest news as it happens – when it happens.

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  • Behmor

    Founded in 2007 by Joe Behm, Behmor has become a global leader in home coffee roasting and brewing products. Behmor products are designed with one mission in mind – to brew a better cup of coffee.

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  • Rancilio Specialty

    We manufacture and sell professional coffee machines in over 115 countries worldwide through the Italian headquarter, 7 branches, 2 R&D centers, and a global sales and service network.

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  • iFillSystems

    Your great product in our iFillCup® pods lets you attain a quality brew in every cup.
    We invite you to test out and see why iFillSystems is the choice of Artisan Roasters.

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  • Cafe Solutions North America

    We are an import and distribution company focused on the highest quality products for the Specialty Coffee industry.

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  • Bentwood Coffee Grinders

    Developing the grinders from scratch allowed us to strive for perfection in every detail, inside and outside. We want our products to be long-lasting friends on your journey to perfect coffee.

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  • Alchemy

    Everyone at Alchemy shares an obsession with flavour, and loves nothing more than making our customers swoon with pleasure at the taste of our cordials and syrups.

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  • PUQpress

    Tamping is an important part of a barista’s craft, but doing it by hand hundreds of times a day damages shoulders and wrists. So why not let Puqpress deliver the perfect tamp for you?

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  • Fresh Cup Magazine

    Fresh Cup is a storytelling and education hub for the coffee and tea industries.

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  • Roast Magazine

    Roastis a bi-monthly technical trade magazine dedicated to the success and growth of the specialty coffee industry.

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    UNIQIFY™is your first source for wholesale paper and plastic products. At UNIQIFY™, we are proud to offer better than wholesale pricing with outstanding customer service and communication. When you see the UNIQIFY™ branding, you know that’s the best quality product on the market with the best prices and the best service.

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  • Ghirardelli Chocolate

    Established in 1852, Ghirardelli Chocolate is the longest continuously operating chocolate manufacturer in the United States. Ghirardelli’s distribution model encompasses a vast market of: confections, baking ingredients, and beverage ingredients.

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  • Reg Barber Tampers

    Reg Barber invented the modern tamper in 1995 when he created the first two-piece design with interchangeable handles and bases. An accomplished woodworker, Reg makes our Golden Bean trophies.

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  • MST Pack

    MST Packaging is specialized in producing Compostable Bag, Food Packaging Bag, Paper Packaging Bag, PET Food Packaging Bag and Agriculture Packaging Bags.

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  • Waterwise

    WaterWise provides NSF approved sustainable water treatment products for foodservice, commercial and industrial applications ranging from cafés and coffee roasteries to hotels, restaurants, convenience stores, breweries, cooling towers, agriculture and other challenging industrial applications.

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Green Bean Zone Sponsors

  • Mercanta

    Mercanta supplies specialty roasters around the world with the world’s very best green coffees.

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  • Gold Mountain Coffee Growers

    At Gold Mountain Coffee Growers, we are pioneering technologies and methods to reach new levels of consistently-high cup qualities, year after year.

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  • Keffa Coffee

    We built Keffa from the ground up, and we understand that what every new business needs are someone to believe in them. We work with roasters of all sizes, those who are brand new and those who are well-versed. 

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    Since 1990, Organic Products Trading Company (OPTCO) has been working directly with small-scale farmers around the world to source high quality green specialty coffee.

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    DESCAMEX is the first decaffeinating plant in Latin America, we have been perfecting our processes to achieve a first quality taste, aroma and consistency, for these reasons we are worldwide recognized as Mountain Water Process.

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  • Cofinet

    For 80 years our family business has grown and distributed Colombian coffee and today we share these coffees with the world.

    As growers, we specialize in alternative fermentation techniques that are revolutionary.

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  • Theta Ridge

    We are dedicated to bringing you the finest quality green coffees from around the world!

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  • Bodhi Leaf

    We're a small company out of beautiful Southern California. What we lack in size, we make up for in service. Our mission is to provide large and small roasters with exceptional coffees, economical prices, and excellent customer service.

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  • Sustainable Harvest

    Sustainable Harvest® imports exquisite specialty coffees from around the world. For over 20 years, we’ve been using an innovative sourcing approach to disrupt opaque, commodity-driven trade.

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