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✓ logo will be incorporated into the Golden Bean banner design
✓ logo on event promo materials
✓ logo displayed on workshop and award stages
✓ distribute a product catalogue in delegate promo bag
✓ a list of all coffee roasting businesses that have entered or attended the Golden Bean event
✓ logo and bio on the Golden Bean website and social media
✓ VIP tickets for each event, which includes all education, social events and awards dinner

Partner with us in 2024

Golden Bean started in 2004 in Australia and has since expanded world-wide. In 2023 we are celebrating 10 years in North America.

As the World's Largest Coffee Roasting Competition, we stand for raising the bar of coffee across the globe.

Partner with us on this mission as we seek to reach the small-town coffee roaster, to the large franchise coffee roasters, connecting the coffee community in one room.

Come network, innovate, inspire and educate the future of coffee.

  • HP Hood

    Hood is one of the largest branded dairy operators in the US. Hood is the number-one dairy brand in New England, and Hood's portfolio of national and super-regional brands and franchise products includes Blue Diamond Almond Breeze® Almond Milks, and Planet Oat Oat Milks.

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  • Behmor

    Founded in 2007 by Joe Behm, Behmor has become a global leader in home coffee roasting and brewing products. Behmor products are designed with one mission in mind – to brew a better cup of coffee.

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  • RoasTronix

    RoasTronix, a leading supplier of smart all-electrical coffee roasters has a vision to make a difference to the life of the farmers by cultivating the onsite café roastery landscape and promoting the seed to cup phenomenon. Decentralized coffee roasting creates sustainable relationships allowing direct trades between the farmer and coffee shop owner.

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  • Tannin Oral Care

    Tannin's all-natural products enhance the coffee experience by targeting the harmful effects of coffee on oral health. Made by coffee drinkers, for coffee drinkers -- a portion of every product sold goes back to baristas and the people who make coffee possible.

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  • BWT

    Our name says it all: we understand our mission to be to develop the best water treatment products and services anywhere. But even more: water is our mission. We ensure hygiene, safety and health in people's day-​to-day contact with water. We continuously pursue our research to develop innovative solutions, and work to further enhance our products.

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  • GH Grinding & Brewing Solutions

    We are committed to bringing the absolute best grinding and brewing equipment to North America, Canada, and Latin America. Our philosophy of support and customer care is very important to us. Trust, reliability, and innovation are the qualities that drive our company.

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  • iFillSystems

    Your great product in our iFillCup® pods lets you attain a quality brew in every cup.We invite you to test out and see why iFillSystems is the choice of Artisan Roasters.

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  • Cafe Solutions North America

    We are an import and distribution company focused on the highest quality products for the Specialty Coffee industry.

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  • FlexPak Services

    FlexPak’s mission is to develop and deliver cutting-edge, laser-enabled solutions that improve the quality, performance, and convenience of flexible packaging.

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  • Swiss Water

    Swiss Water® Process was designed as an alternative to using Methylene Chloride as a decaffeination solvent. We are fully committed to quality coffee, and we are committed to never using chemicals to remove caffeine. We proudly keep Methylene Chloride and Ethyl Acetate out of our facility and away from your coffee.

    Swiss Water® Process — 100% chemical free coffee decaffeination.

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    This year's Super Automatic sponsor is EVERSYS.

    "Our mission at Eversys is to create ‘true espresso with a touch’. We do this through the optimisation of technology and blend it with traditional barista customs. We believe that Espresso is the true essence of the bean, and our mission is to reveal it, drink after drink."

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  • Planet Oat Oatmilk

    Planet Oat Oatmilk is a creamy, delicious drink everyone can enjoy. Our Oatmilk is free from dairy, gluten, soy and peanuts.

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  • Third Wave Water

    Life is Too Short to Ruin Your Coffee with Bad Water.

    Selecting the right Third Wave Water mineral profile is the key to making sure your coffee will taste as good as it can. There are currently four different water profiles for specific uses ranging from everyday coffees to more complicated uses like coffee cupping at coffee labs or farms and even cold brew. 

    Let’s explore each water profile’s common uses as well as a few uncommon scenarios to help you find what water profile is best for you.

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  • Gold Mountain Coffee Growers

    At Gold Mountain Coffee Growers, we are pioneering technologies and methods to reach new levels of consistently-high cup qualities, year after year.

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    Since 1990, Organic Products Trading Company (OPTCO) has been working directly with small-scale farmers around the world to source high quality green specialty coffee.

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  • Cofinet

    For 80 years our family business has grown and distributed Colombian coffee and today we share these coffees with the world.As growers, we specialize in alternative fermentation techniques that are revolutionary.

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  • Cafe Culture

    Bringing you the latest news as it happens – when it happens.

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  • Walker Coffee Trading

    At Walker Coffee Trading, we are a small, family-owned coffee company that puts consistency, transparency, and honest relationships first and foremost. As direct importers, we connect you to the highest-quality wholesale green coffee beans from the best regions in the world.

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  • Descamex

    DESCAMEX is a company founded in 1980 by Mr. Domingo Muguira Revuelta, being the first decaffeinating plant in Latin America, we have been perfecting our processes to achieve a first quality taste, aroma and consistency, for these reasons we are worldwide recognized as Mountain Water Process.

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  • Mountain Water Process

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