Golden Bean The Americas 2024

Golden Bean The Americas 2024

A message from the Head Bean:

After 10 years of successful Golden Bean North America roasting competitions, we have decided to step up the event as we move into a Global competition format. Golden Bean will have a name change to Golden Bean The Americas. This will allow all the roasters from the Americas countries and regions to enter, bringing more opportunities from developing coffee countries to be part of Golden Bean educational and business networks. We are also excited to expand our Golden Bean family.

The other big change is Golden Bean will be run by a board of directors who are all coffee roasters and have previously had overall Golden Bean winning success. The board will control all the logistics and coordinate competitions and other associated events and training. The new board will assist with expanding the competition into new regions as the number of entries grow. I will still be the Head Bean this year and manage the new team in the running of the competition and conference. 

Most coffee roasters are competitive and love being at the top of their game, winning medals for their skills. I personally love seeing the faces of the medal winners, but what gives me more satisfaction is watching roasters network together in our competitive industry. Golden Bean is the perfect format to bring roasters together, using education from our supply chain and natural mentoring on the cupping tables, while developing great lifetime friendships. 

This year’s competition is being held in Houston Texas on the 17th - 21st of September at the Eldorado Ballroom. The Golden Bean entry portal is now open, sponsorship opportunities are also available. We are expecting a big event this year under the new boards involvement and anticipating 100 roasters attending along with 1500 entries.

Also new this year there will be a live roasting competition for attending roasters, sponsored by Roastronix – Stronghold Roasting. Roasters will get to pick a selection of green bean from our sponsors and roast the beans on a Stronghold Roaster at Roastronix headquarters in Houston. The Stronghold Cup will be judged on the Saturday Green Bean Zone expo by our Head Category judges as a filter coffee. Details will be on the website soon.

Golden Bean’s vision is to be a global event, with recent expansion including two completed World Series competitions – the first was held in Hawaii and this year in Melbourne, Australia. We are very close to having Europe and China in the competition.

We are very excited to welcome new Roasters and Suppliers into the world’s largest coffee competition. All information and guidelines about the Golden Bean Coffee Roasters Competition and Conference is available at


See you soon!

Sean Edwards – Head Bean

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